The Foundation (Reg. No. 326- Association of Jersey Charities) was established in September 2008 by Deep's family in his name with the aim of improving education and welfare in some of the poorest regions of Africa. Deep, having visited the continent, and Kenya in particular, on a number of occasions, had a great passion for Africa; for its wildlife; for it's people; and for its culture.

An enthusiastic young man with great ambitions, Deep's enduring resolution was to make a difference in those regions of Africa most deprived of the mere basics. The family and close friends have therefore decided to set up this foundation whereby they will take an active role in building schools, implementing facilities, and giving these children a future, where Deep's was so tragically taken away before his time.

The current focus is a lone project, not far from the shores of Lake Victoria, designated by the Kenyan Government, an area of high poverty. The Luo people who live there, in earlier times were, like the Masai, migrating in search of water and grazing land for great herds of cattle. These nomadic peoples settled and began to grow crops and also settled by the lake and learned to fish. They lived in close communities with strong family ties, fought great wars with other Bantu speaking peoples and preserved their unique philosophies, culture and traditions. This balance was tumultuously upset with the dawn of the European expansion into Africa and the ensuing fragile, stuttered march towards modern progress.

A specific goal is to transform a fledgling school for largely orphaned girls and boys, between the ages of 3 and 14years, into one with basic facilities for primary education-Joyce Lands School. Rongo, Kenya. These changes are being implemented in stages and include:-

  1. winning support of the council of elders and local community
  2. establishing a corridor for secure transfer of funds from Jersey to local stakeholders
  3. securing the site into public ownership
  4. a borehole for clean water
  5. long drop toilets
  6. fencing to keep out grazing cattle and passers by
  7. acquiring additional land for a school playground and a small farm in connection with the School Feeding Programme
  8. providing new build classrooms
  9. school books and teaching material
  10. teachers salaries and staff wages

The project has received valuable guidance and commitment from the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, Jersey, Channel Islands and very generous assistance, 'on the ground', from Dave and Betty Ellis of "Help from the Rock" (Registration No 282 -Association of Jersey Charities) and from Paul and Beatrice Obonyo, a dedicated Kenyan couple currently living and working in Jersey.

Stages 1. to 3. were finished in 2009. Three signatories, including those of the District Education Officer, Rongo, the Head teacher and the Treasurer are now mandatory on all cheques issued in Kenya. The school plot is registered (thus a guarantee of the legality of any development) - with the Business Registration Office, Nairobi.

Stage 4. The project begins as a hydrological/geophysical survey and ground water quality report submitted by a local geologist. Two tenders for drilling are accepted. However heavy rains and harder-than-expected impermeable rock delay progress and influence a decision to invite a third tender, Mima Woodwork Enterprise Ltd, who wins the contract. The borehole is drilled, the wellhead built and a manual pump installed enabling access to clean, high quality water for the first time on 14 Jul 10. This proves of major benefit to the school children, staff and the local community alike. At last the school has on-site access to free, precious, pure water, whilst the local people pay 5k shillings (approximately 0.75p) for each 20 litre bucketful. It is hoped the small income so generated can be used in the future to replace worn parts and towards maintenance expenses.


School Kitchen

Stage 5: A quotation for the construction of eight toilets :- 3 girls, 3 boys and 2 adults, is received and funds transferred to Rongo, Kenya. The work begins in November 2011 and is finished by February 2012.

Up go the walls

Work in Progress

Almost finished


In the distance

Stage 6: More and stringent government regulations have to be met, so therefore further funds are transferred to Kenya. These facilitate fencing of the school boundaries, the salary of a school watchman and enable the erection of temporary new additional classrooms.

Temporary classrooms - the old and the new

The fence

Word spreads fast and pupil numbers are increasing all the time. The students receive a long overdue improvised catch up programme of de-worming medicines, vitamin supplements and a few affordable "compulsory" vaccinations.

Stand in line to get a vitamin

Outdoors is handy when it is not raining

The medium of instruction can be English or Kiswahili

Stage 7: In 2013 the Committee of the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund agree to buy approximately half an acre of prime land adjoining the original plot, from private ownership, (photograph not available). It meets Kenyan Government policy on the minimum size of a school playground for the exploding population of 315 children (224 of Standards 1 to 8, and 91 pre-primary) and also serves as a farm - cultivated by volunteer's - to grow maize and beans. This is a vital part of the school's feeding programme. Chickens are raised on site to farm eggs. Eventually a few diary cattle might be bought and cared for to enable the collection of milk.

Class in progress

Lots and lots to learn

A bit of shade when you feel poorly

Hectic at playtime during the lunch break

Thirsty work

Stage 8: Providing new build classrooms
The primary objective of the Fund was to have a permanent school for mainly orphaned children and this target was achieved in 2014.

Nov 13: Digging the ground for the school's foundations

Dec 13: Laying the foundations


Dec 13: Bricks and mortar to build the walls


Dec 13: The walls reach full height


: The roof is added


: Rendering the walls with concrete


Aug 14: Windows, doors, floors, and ceilings.


: the new school in full flow


Stage 9: The funds for school books, teaching materials and school furniture including desks and chairs for the classrooms are sent by the Committee to the school in Rongo in December 2014