December 2014: -   

The first of the anonymous donor's £5,000 pledged donations (see below) are received.

In 2014: -   

Individual donors continue to make invaluable, small contributions totalling £669.

October 2013: -   

A very, very generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous comes to know of Sundeep's extrodinary life tragically cut short, through old newspaper articles! This individual instantly contributes £10,000 and pledges the sum of £5,000 for each of the next 5 years without any obligation on the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund. The donor discusses with us, the project in hand and the possible difficulties in the future years concerning the scale of the project and the cost of servicing and maintenance.

September 2013: -   

Sunir (Deep's elder brother) and Edward Le Gallais (Sunny's friend) cycle down the west coast of France from St Malo to Biarritz (800 - 900km) raising £7,182 for the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund.

July 2013: -   

The Committee makes an application to the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission. The Commission considers and approves to match (£ for £) funding of £36,000 towards the quoted construction cost of Joyceland Preparatory School, Rongo. The monies for the building works is sent to Rongo in 5 separate installments. The project stays within budget and is virtually completed on time. The work goes on currently, including electric fixtures, ceilings, painting and decorating, quadrangle improvements and other finishing touches. During term-time the students use the new unfinished facilities as the building work progresses.

2011 - 2013 :-   

Cameron McPhail, entrepreneur carries on making significant contributions to the Fund by selling his amusing ideas, in print and on small household articles

:- Victoria College (and Jersey College for Girls) periodically hold various activities and events to helpfully add to the Fund.

:- His father's medical practice Health Plus Limited enters teams in the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon every year with sponsosrhip generously awarded to the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund.

:- Individual and small organisations, unfortunately too many to mention by name, make invaluable donations to the Fund and keep the vital work going.

April 2012   

Dr Vik Watts and his wife, Nuala, make a liberal donation to his nephew's fund during the tree planting ceremony in Deep's memory at Victoria College.

March 2012   

DCG Fund Services (Dominion Corporate Services Limited) generously donate to the fund via their charitable arm.

February 2012   

Simon Finch runs the 2012 Tokyo Marathon for charity and very hospitably donates half the proceeds to the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund. To run it in 3 hours and 36 minutes is mightily impressive, but for a first ever marathon-even more so!

December 2011   

The Jersey Overseas Aid Commission arrange to meet a member of The Sundeep Watts Memorial Funds and very kindly agree to part-fund the school fencing, the school toilets and architect's and planning fees for the proposed main school structure.

July 2011   

Victoria college, Jersey College for Girls Rock Concert raises money for the Fund.

The Sundeep Watts Charity Ball, a poignant and enjoyable evening is held at the L'Horizon Hotel, Jersey. The "Ball Gang" include Stefan Chinniah, Thomas Peters, Nicholas Baxter, Samuel Falle, Sarah Lotherington, Max Burnett and Edd Le Maistre. These individuals are joined by many other committed volunteers, friends of Deep, family and supporters of the charity to make it a successful fund-raiser.
March 2011   

Arun (18), Sundeep's younger brother, the Head Boy, Teachers and a care-taker abseil down the walls of the school, as part of a charity challenge in memory of Sundeep. Their descent from the top of the Victoria College building is instructed and joined by Jake Meyer who at the age of 21 was the youngest man in the world to climb the Seven Summits-the seven highest mountains on each continent-and the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest. Lloyds TSB sponsor Jake Meyer's visit to Jersey.

Students and staff at Victoria College generously support the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund again by allocating proceeds from events such as the 'Victoria College / Jersey College for Girls Music Evening' and 'House Charity Fund Raising'.

December 2010   

Cameron McPhail, one of Jersey's successful businessmen (and an ever aspiring satirist), donates of his time, ingenuity and finances to create a highly amusing, tongue in cheek cartoon-based map of island life, "Jersey:- A Beginner's Guide" (with Ollie Nightingale, talented illustrator). The map goes on sale as a fund-raiser for local charities, including the Sundeep Watts Memorial Fund and is an instant success.
November 2010    A team of year 13 students, the same year as Rooney, Deep's younger brother, represent Victoria College in the De Putron Challenge for Sixth Forms and kindly donate their £500 Second Prize to the Fund.
November 2010   

Sunny (22), Deep's elder brother raises funds by shaving off his head and growing his moustache at the same time, in the month of 'Movember'.
6thNovember 2010    Two internationally acclaimed musicians, pianist Min-Jung Kym and cellist, Adrian Brendel, son of the world famous pianist, Adrian Brendel present an unforgettable programme of music at the Jersey Arts Centre. A special plaudit to the Jersey Academy of Music, Chateaux Vermont for hosting the guest musicians and providing a venue for Masterclass performances. At the same time a special thank you to the Secretary of the Fund for massive support and inspiration.


3rd October 2010    Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon Relay run by two great teams from Health Plus, Queen's Road Health Centre; including: Philippa, Richard, Steven, Martin, Graham, Swastik, Karen, Kathy, Vanda and Andrew. Fine help behind the scenes help from: Carol and Samantha.


August 2010    Sunny, Roony, Neera and Swaz pay a self-funded visit to Rongo School to familiarise with the staff, the children and to assess progress.


August 2010    Cycle ride from Callais, France to Pula, Croatia, thoughtfully organised by Sam Eldridy-Osman, a family friend.
August 2010   

Scott Clayton, 16 year old promising young tennis player and member of the Caesarean Tennis Club Jersey, where Deep used to play, donates a cotton tennis shirt for auction, signed by Bjorn Borg - six times Wimbledon Champion.
23rd July 2010   

Collegium Regale, the men's voices of the world's most famous choir, the Choral scholars of King's College, Cambridge come to perform a varied programme of music in the Great Hall, Victoria College, Jersey for the last time. Another resounding success. A full house performance, not least due to the Island Music Limited, Jersey for generous assistance with ticket sales and a superb contribution of Tom, Lizzie, Jo and Mark Pocock.
July 2010    Charity auction organised by the Charity Committee, St. Chad's College, Durham University, all proceeds to the S.W.M.F.
April 2010    A Chapel collection during the summer term at St. Chad's College, Durham University. Deep's elder brother completes his LLB at Durham University in July 2010.
13th November 2009   

Solo repertoire by acclaimed pianist Min-Jung Kim delivered at the Jersey Arts Centre, to a large appreciative audience, in memory of Sundeep.
October 2009    Initial presentation by Sunny and Rooney of three annual tennis trophies, in recognition of Deep’s commitment to sporting fairness and excellence, at the Caesarean Tennis Club, Jersey. A fund-raising Ladies Day Tennis Tournament in June 2009, Jersey, organised by some of Neera’s tennis competitors, raising funds in Deep‘s memory.
September 2009   

(Standard Chartered) Jersey Marathon Relay where Swaz and ‘Health Plus’ colleagues make up two teams to compete and raise funds in Deep's memory.
September 2009   

Neera, Swaz, Rooney and close friends team up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa. Later Neera, Rooney, Lee and friends fly the Jersey flag, for Deep, at the summit.
17th July 2009   

Second sell-out concert by Collegium Regale, Choral Scholars of King’s College, Cambridge, in memory of Deep.
September 2008    (Standard Chartered) Jersey Marathon Relay, run for the first time in Deeps memory, by a team from ‘Health Plus’.
18th July 2008   

First house-full concert given by Collegium Regale, Choral Scholars of King’s College, Cambridge, inspired by Lizzie and Tom, two of Deep’s widely admired friends, in his memory, in the Great Hall, Victoria College, Jersey, in memory of Sundeep.
7th July 2008   

Swaz and Sunny and friends climb Mount Rainier in Washington State, in the north-western United States of America, flying the Jersey flag for Deep at the summit.